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As a Canadian gal with nearly a decade in NYC under my belt, I’ve found there’s no greater combination than efficiency and good manners. So first of all, thank you for stopping by! And now, a little about me, in brief:

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and spent time in Toronto, Berkeley, and Seattle before landing in Manhattan. I miss the ocean, but I love the city, even (especially?) on the days it drives me crazy.

I've always been passionate about telling stories— our job as storytellers is to build empathy, and I really believe, without irony or pride, that empathy is the thing that will save us all.

I love traveling—whether for work or play—and whenever I’m in a new place, I’m as interested in the grocery stores as I am in the museums. No, really. Grocery stores and markets are a bit of an obsession. I’ve worked in regional theaters across the US and Canada, and my solo play, My High-Heeled Life, premiered in New York in 2014 after touring Toronto, Vancouver and Salem, Oregon.

I love classic films, and listen to far too many podcasts.